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Who Will Survive The Danny Ainge Cuts?


Danny Ainge says the Celtics aren’t interested in the free agent market, aren’t shopping Rondo and Green, and aren’t in a hurry to find a new coach.  So what are they focused on doing, cutting the roster! Terrence Williams, the troubled SG from Louville was cut earlier in the week, and he should be the [...]

Why Trade Rajon Rondo?


In the midst of trade rumors swirling around Rajon Rondo, the 3-time All-Star has emerged to post some of his best numbers of the season. On Sunday against the Knicks he had the basketball world buzzing with an outstanding performance of 18 points, 17 rebounds, and 20 assists in a 115-111 OT thriller. It was [...]

Iverson the Answer in Boston?


Allen Iverson could give the Celtics what they need.

Rumors are Swirling

Rumors are Swirling

So I have been hearing many reports of Keving Garnett possibly retiring. He is so competitive that if he can’t play like he once was able to them he would call it quits. I personally think he has a lot more in the tank and that this is strictly a rumor. But if does end [...]