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The Best Option?


Last night, the Boston Celtics were trailing 87-86 to the Dallas Mavericks.  With the clock winding down, Boston had time for one last shot.  With the game on the line, that final shot was an uncontested three-pointer from Rajon Rondo, a notoriously poor outside jump shooter.  To wrap up the summary quickly and neatly, he [...]

Rondo and Team USA Recover and Save Win VS Lithuania


From initial tip off the game was not going Team Americas way, but the first quarter was the giant wake up call for the Red, White & Blue. The most notable stat for the first 10 minutes was the 3-21 shooting from the floor and six turnovers in the shortened FIBA quarters. Team USA went [...]

Positional Rankings: PG

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Most of the NBA’s top scoring options come in the form of a wing or big man. In fact, the only qualified point guards to lead their respective clubs in scoring last season were Golden State’s Monta Ellis (25.5 PPG), Chicago’s Derrick Rose (20.8 PPG) and Houston’s Aaron Brooks (19.6 PPG). Only three of the [...]

This is NOT the Celtics Last Run at Glory


In the Boston Media we have heard the term “last run” quite often and I think they are being a bit unfair to the future of the Celtics who in my opinion have a future possibly brighter than the present.  As each of the major players re-signed or joined the Celtics you regularly saw the [...]

Rondo Has Rings and He is Not Afraid to Rub it in


Here is why I love the NBA, the only thing that separates the players from you and I is about 40 million dollar bank accounts.  Money aside they really are regular guys and easily some of the most approachable when you see them out on the town. Today, Twitter announced of the major sports that [...]

5 Reasons to Look Forward to Fall


Summer is the greatest time of the year, and if you live in New England it is the only time of the year that you don’t have to deal with unpredictable rain, unseasonably cold winds that make Chicago look like a vacuum, and don’t get me started on snow, slush, hail or sleet.  Remind me [...]