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Iverson the Answer in Boston?


Allen Iverson could give the Celtics what they need.

Three’s Company

Boston Celtics Portrait Session

Three Conference Contenders That Would Love to Have One of Our Big Three Now obviously, Danny Ainge has made it pretty clear that the Big Three plus Rondo is going to give it another go at the NBA title.  But it’s the off-season, the Finals are on the television, and the Boston Celtics are not [...]

The Best Option?


Last night, the Boston Celtics were trailing 87-86 to the Dallas Mavericks.  With the clock winding down, Boston had time for one last shot.  With the game on the line, that final shot was an uncontested three-pointer from Rajon Rondo, a notoriously poor outside jump shooter.  To wrap up the summary quickly and neatly, he [...]

Congratulations Paul Pierce


It may have been a slow weekend in the Celtics news world, but not for captain Paul Pierce. Pierce and his wife Julie Landrum were married on Saturday with a few Celtics in attendance. A big congratulations to Pierce and his family from Celtics 24/7! In an intimate ceremony as the sun set over the [...]

You Can’t Superstar Your Way to Greatness

NBA Finals Game 6: Los Angeles Lakers v Boston Celtics

Life was so simple two weeks ago. Bosh was still in Toronto. LeBron was still in Cleveland. And the sporting world actually paid proper respect to the original big three in Boston. All that is gone now and we can only hearken back to a gentler time, where a team’s worth was court-tested and proven, [...]

Paul Pierce Re-Signs In Boston

Paul Pierce Re-Signs In Boston

From the Boston Herald: Paul Pierce will remain a Celtic. The club has reached agreement with its captain on a new contract, according to sources. The deal is said to be for four years, with only the first three fully guaranteed. The papers cannot be signed or officially announced until next week. Can’t say that [...]

Paul Pierce Officially Opts Out of Contract

Paul Pierce Officially Opts Out of Contract

Need more NBA off-season drama? Well here you go. As if the free agent class wasn’t strong enough, you can now add our very own Paul Pierce to the mix.  The Truth officially opted out of his $21.5 million salary to become a restricted free agent according to ESPN: Pierce’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, told [...]

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