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Pietrus Struggling to Find His Shot


Mickael Pietrus has been a good fit in Boston so far this season. He’s a savvy veteran that has helped stop the bleeding after losing Jeff Green before the season even started. He’s nowhere near as good as Jeff Green, but I have appreciated his services and positive mindset all year while giving solid minutes. [...]

The Next Lebron James?


Lebron James Should Play Hockey. As long as no one tells him there’s not a 4th period he’d probably do pretty well.  A lot has been said about Lebron’s poor performance in the finals. His inability to finish, not just missing shots in  the clutch, but dishing the ball when those moments come. The guy [...]

Celtics Offseason: If They Give it One More Shot…

Big Four

We all know that the Celtics are at a crossroads, and the options are pretty simple; blow it up and start over, or make another run at a ring. Something tells me that with Doc back, this veteran bunch is going to give it one more shot. Here’s what I believe they should do to [...]