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Why the Celtics Can Beat the Heat

Chris Bosh, Kevin Garnett

If I were to ask you at the beginning of the year, if the Celtics could beat the Heat without Rajon Rondo or Kevin Garnett, I am certain that most of you would say no. These are two fundamental players that drive this team and without them, it would be difficult to beat the best [...]

Rondo Triple-Double Lead Hot Celtics Past Heat

Rajon Rondo

I’ll admit. I was nervous. Having the #2-seed in the Eastern Conference coming to play this older Celtics squad made me a bit queasy. Then I remembered that the game was at the Garden and it was a nationally-televised game, also known as Rajon Rondo’s time to shine. The C’s point guard puts up ridiculous [...]

Staying Relevant

Rondo and Doc

The Heat looked absolutely dominant in their series with the Celtics and continue to impress as they try to extend a 2-1 lead over the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals. They still have to win 6 more games against some very tough opponents to get their first NBA title in the big 2 ½ [...]

Why We Shouldn’t Hate Eddie House

Why We Shouldn’t Hate Eddie House

In case anyone out there in Celtic Nation is planning to label the honorable Edward L. House II as a public enemy, please do us all a favor and take a minute to reconsider. During Eddie’s stint as our sharp-shooter off the bench, I fell in love with his fiery intensity and tenacious approach to [...]