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JaJuan Johnson: Mock Interview

JaJuan Johnson

I missed my chance this year to do a mock draft, so instead I decided to pretend to sit down with the Celtics (eventual) number 1 draft choice, JaJuan Johnson and talk about his incoming season (Stern willing) in a Mock Interview. JC-H: Congratulations on becoming the newest member of the Celtics organization. JaJuan Johnson: [...]

2011 NBA Draft: Point Guards


A general understanding of NBA rosters is all you need to figure out that the NBA has evolved into a perimeter player’s league. The American pro game is now virtually

run by guards and wings that possess some combination of speed, quickness, athleticism and the ability to create off the dribble. It’s no secret that coaches and executives around the league salivate at the mouth at the opportunity to snag an elite prospect with those characteristics, and for good reason.

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