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The Message

The Message

Rumors and speculation abound about where Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets is going to end up playing next season. It seems almost certain that he will not be in New Orleans. It seems his preference is New York, which is an impossibility this year. The front runners seem to be Golden State and [...]

The Next Lebron James?


Lebron James Should Play Hockey. As long as no one tells him there’s not a 4th period he’d probably do pretty well.  A lot has been said about Lebron’s poor performance in the finals. His inability to finish, not just missing shots in  the clutch, but dishing the ball when those moments come. The guy [...]

Iverson the Answer in Boston?


Allen Iverson could give the Celtics what they need.

Five Completely Far-Fetched Veteran Acquisitions (That I Wouldn’t Mind Seeing)


As my fellow writers have alluded to, and I’m sure everyone is aware of; it’s the off-season.  While we may still be subjected to endure the pain of watching the remaining playoff teams duke it out, it is never too early to start thinking about next season. Now, a couple years ago, I was an [...]

Why We Shouldn’t Hate Eddie House

Why We Shouldn’t Hate Eddie House

In case anyone out there in Celtic Nation is planning to label the honorable Edward L. House II as a public enemy, please do us all a favor and take a minute to reconsider. During Eddie’s stint as our sharp-shooter off the bench, I fell in love with his fiery intensity and tenacious approach to [...]

Biggest Summer Leauge Storylines

Biggest Summer Leauge Storylines

Here are the three biggest story lines of the Celtics’ Summer Leauge in my opinion 1.)    Chance for young guns: The Celtics’ roster is devoid of any player who has set foot on the floor during an NBA game besides the twentyish minutes played by Oliver Lafayette at the end of the past season. The [...]

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