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Throwback: KG in a Three Point – Shooting Contest???

Throwback: KG in a Three Point – Shooting Contest???

So I recently came across a youtube video that features KG and Paul Pierce in the McDonald’s All American 3pt shooting contest and Dunk contest. You’d think the Truth would be in the 3pt contest and KG in the Dunk contest, right? WRONG…the 6’11 center out of high school, Kevin Garnett, was selected to particpate [...]

Why the Celtics Can Beat the Heat

Chris Bosh, Kevin Garnett

If I were to ask you at the beginning of the year, if the Celtics could beat the Heat without Rajon Rondo or Kevin Garnett, I am certain that most of you would say no. These are two fundamental players that drive this team and without them, it would be difficult to beat the best [...]

Rondo Replaces Stephen Curry in NBA Skills Challenge


Rajon Rondo will have more responsibility representing the Boston Celtics this All-Star weekend as he has been chosen to fill in for Stephen Curry in the Taco Bell NBA Skills Challenge. Curry, the defending champion, is out with a strained tendon in his right foot. Rondo will be competing against Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving, San Antonio’s Tony [...]

Boston’s Debut


What looked like what was going to be a Christmas catastrophe nearly turned into a Christmas miracle today as the Celtics fell to the New York Knicks 106-104. Although the loss certainly put a damper on my Christmas spirit initially, we are Boston Celtics fans, we are intelligent fans, and we should understand that this [...]

Iverson the Answer in Boston?


Allen Iverson could give the Celtics what they need.

Three’s Company

Boston Celtics Portrait Session

Three Conference Contenders That Would Love to Have One of Our Big Three Now obviously, Danny Ainge has made it pretty clear that the Big Three plus Rondo is going to give it another go at the NBA title.  But it’s the off-season, the Finals are on the television, and the Boston Celtics are not [...]

Five Completely Far-Fetched Veteran Acquisitions (That I Wouldn’t Mind Seeing)


As my fellow writers have alluded to, and I’m sure everyone is aware of; it’s the off-season.  While we may still be subjected to endure the pain of watching the remaining playoff teams duke it out, it is never too early to start thinking about next season. Now, a couple years ago, I was an [...]

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