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Who Will Survive The Danny Ainge Cuts?


Danny Ainge says the Celtics aren’t interested in the free agent market, aren’t shopping Rondo and Green, and aren’t in a hurry to find a new coach.  So what are they focused on doing, cutting the roster! Terrence Williams, the troubled SG from Louville was cut earlier in the week, and he should be the [...]

Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks, GET PUMPED CELTICS NATION!

Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks, GET PUMPED CELTICS NATION!

This is just what Boston needs after capturing the Boston Bombers last night and finally ending at least some of the chaos that occurred earlier this week.  Beginning at 3pm today, the Boston Celtics will be playing the New York Knicks in a first round match-up for the second time in three years.  This time the Celtics [...]

Why Jeff Green should start…

jeff green celtics

Jeff Green has started one game this year…he racked up 31 pts, 4 asts, 7 rebs, 5 blks, and 2 stls. The Celtics won handily at Phoenix 113-88. Since his lone start, Green is averaging 8.5 pts a game.  Green clearly does not like being a bench player, scratch that, Green doesn’t like not having a role [...]

Betting on the Boston Celtics


Currently the National Basketball Association season is in the middle of their season. As fans of the game follow their favourite teams, so do sports bettors. Whether they like the sport or not, basketball is currently one of the hottest sports for sports betting. For instance, many follow the Boston Celtics and place wagers on [...]

The Truth Never Changes

The Truth Never Changes

Earlier in this season, some were speculating as to whether Paul Pierce was going to be able to produce like he had in years past. His numbers were mediocre at best it seemed. But Wednesday Paul Pierce came out and showed that he is still “The Truth.” Wednesday the Celtics defeated the Cavaliers 103-91 with [...]

Boston Celtics Weekly Predictions


The Celtics just cannot seem to build up any type of consistency right now, a troubling sign considering there are some much-improved teams in the Eastern Conference this season. As of now Boston is 12-11 on the season, which is only good for third place in the Atlantic Division. They’re currently a game back of [...]



Of all the players that I believe will make the greatest impact on the success of this 2012-13 Celtics team, it’s got to be Jeff Green. I know it’s still early, and it’s a long 80+ game season ahead. But, I have been more than impressed with his overall effort on the court. And he seems [...]