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Rondo-less Celtics Looking to Remain Competitive: Win Three in a Row!

Perhaps team captain Paul Pierce said it best after last Sunday’s thrilling and gritty 102-100 2OT win over the defending champion Miami Heat on national TV…When told that Rondo had a torn ACL that would sideline him for the season Pierce expressed his frustration and then immediately stated…”Guys are gonna have to step up! That’s all I can say!”

Luckily, step up is exactly what the Boston Celtics team did! Winning the next two games by wide margins and in convincing fashion. Even though the Celtics learned they would also lose impressive rookie Jared Sullinger for the remainder of the season, they did not get dejected and even played some of their best defense winning 97-84 Friday night over the Orlando Magic. A few night’s before they had defeated the Sacramento Kings 99-81! Impressive defense got them the wins while important role players like Courtney Lee, Avery Bradley, and Jeff Green played much harder in the absence of those important regular starting players! Paul Pierce backed up his statement with a pair of much needed triple doubles for the week!

All in all… the Celtics showed this week that although they are limping into the All-Star Break, they still have a balanced team and plenty of gas left in the tank! The Celtics may or may not be involved in a big trade but either way it looks like they will be fighting for a playoff spot until the end. With experienced and proven players like Garnett, Pierce, and Terry on your team that’s a nice position to be in!!

The Los Angeles Clippers roll into Boston on Super Bowl Sunday. It will be interesting to see how this Celtics squad does against a top, young up and coming team like them! It should be good playoff preparation before getting some much needed time off during the All-Star festivities! Go Celtics Go!!!!

Paul Pierce Gets Surprised Yesterday On ESPN

Paul Pierce led the Rondo-less Celtics to a big double OT win against the Miami Heat yesterday. Pierce had 17 points, 10 assists, and 13 rebounds…a Rondo type stat line that Pierce will probably have to keep up in order for the Celtics to contend this year now that we learn that Rondo is out for the year.

Apparently Doc Rivers was the only one who knew during the game that Rondo had been ruled out for the year, Pierce and his other teammates did not know. Unfortunately for The Truth, Doris Burke did not know that Pierce didn’t know about Rondo.

Check out Pierce’s priceless reaction to the news:

Betting on the Boston Celtics

Currently the National Basketball Association season is in the middle of their season. As fans of the game follow their favourite teams, so do sports bettors. Whether they like the sport or not, basketball is currently one of the hottest sports for sports betting. For instance, many follow the Boston Celtics and place wagers on the results of their games. Some people may not want to bet on sports for a variety of reasons though. Some may be a little worried about tempting fate by doing so and others may be short of confidence when placing money on something so unpredictable. For those that fall into this category there are alternatives; the internet has not only given rise to online bookmakers along with the benefits there, but also online casinos.

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If you’re not looking for an alternative though hopefully we can help. When betting on Celtics basketball sportsbooks found at online bookmakers will offer different kinds of bets. For those new to basketball betting knowing the differences is key. After all, if you place a type of wager that you do not understand, then you could potentially lose money.

Single bets can be placed on the Boston Celtics. This kind of bet uses a point spread to encourage wagers to be placed not only on the favoured team but the underdog as well. Simply reading the spread established can indicate which team is the favourite and which team is the underdog.

Boston Celtics Trade Rumor Roundup

After a winning streak that was supposed to turn their season around the Celtics have reverted to their early season play and right now are looking as flat as any team in the NBA. With last night’s loss in Detroit coach Doc Rivers put his whole team on alert:

“[The start of game] was awful, we are playing awful. I’m clear not doing my job with this team. And I’m serious, I’m not trying to take a bullet for the team. And I told them that. I said, ‘We got to find something where every night, all 12 guys play the same way.’ We did it for three games in a stretch. I told them that games 4 and 5 in that [six-game] winning streak were garbage; We just won the game. I gotta figure that out. I told the guys that, I gotta figure it out. Because I don’t think the guys are honest with each other. I just don’t think we have committed to being a good basketball team.

“I think this team wants everything easy. They want the easy way out. They want to win easy. And I told them the only way you’re going to win easy is your going to have to play hard. The harder you play, the easier the games become. We’re taking the wrong approach. I gotta either find the right combination, the right guys, or we’re going to get some guys out of here. It’s the bottom line. Because this group right now, they are not playing right. It’s in them to play right. But right now they haven’t been — either because I’m not getting to them, or they are not getting to each other. But at the end of the day, either we gotta do that, or we gotta make changes.”

Are changes really coming? Here are some of the more recent trade rumors involving the Celtics.

Celtics Back on Track with 5 Game Winning Streak

The Boston Celtics are soaring back up through the NBA rankings after a five game winning streak that can be described as nothing short of “Simply Amazing”.

A week ago things were not looking good for our Celtics squad. They returned beat up from a bruising west coast road trip. They lost games they easily could have won!Their defense was lagging. Those following the team were getting frustrated.I wrote an article calling to rally true Celtics fans. Celtics nation and the team responded with an impressive overwhelming win over the Indiana Pacers in Boston!

However, this was only the start of something special as during the span of the next week…. The Celtics would string together an impressively hard fought five game winning streak!

This takeoff was marked with an exclamation point (!) last Friday night when the Celtics topped a well-improved Houston Rockets Team by a winning margin of 12 points!

Jared Sullinger: The Future

As the 21st overall pick in the NBA, Jared Sullinger, is proving himself every single game to be worthy of playing on such a team as the Boston Celtics. Tonight against the Rockets, he had fourteen points and eleven rebounds. He was 7 for 8 shooting the ball, and he earned his second consecutive double double. He is doing very well compared to the other rookies. He is fourth in rebounds per game with 5.7, first in fewest turnovers per game, sixth in field goal percentage, and third in games played.

Many have suggested that Doc throw him in the starting lineup at Power Forward, where Brandon Bass has been starting. While Bass hasn’t been as productive as one might hope, I don’t think it would be a good fit for Sullinger. As proven tonight, it helps to have a deep bench. Jared Sullinger is young and provides fresh legs off the bench which is something the Celtics need more than a stellar starting Power Forward. The bench carried the team tonight which was something they needed.

The Celtics are in good shape. They are playing very well defensively which is providing opportunities offensively. The young players are playing very well; players such as Lee, Sullinger, and Green. These players could be the future of the Celtics. As far as this year goes, if the team can continue to play well defensively, and get good quality minutes from the bench, then they have a good shot at going deep in the playoffs.

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Time For the True Celtics Fans to Step Up!

The Celtics are struggling through a four-game losing streak after impressively beating the Brooklyn Nets on Christmas Day on National TV!
Since then their defensive effort has been floundering resulting in double-digit losses to the Clippers, the Warriors, the Kings, and the Grizzlies.

In all of these games they gave up way too many points easily! The Celtics are known to be a tough team defensively so many are left wondering …”What happened?” and “should we forget about this year?”
The answer is No Way! Keep at it Celtics fans! If you remember last year there was a dismal west coast trip and the team finished one game short of the Finals. This is no time to hang your head Celtics’ fans! This is a time for us to root for our team and show them they have our support! So in short form… True fans need to step up!
On Friday January 4, 2012 the Indiana Pacers come into Boston to play! Longtime Celtics fans will remember current Indiana Pacers executive of the year….. Larry Bird otherwise known as The Legend.It will be difficult to beat any team that Larry Bird is involved in but the Celtics will have to do just that to get back above .500 and back into the playoff race!
The best part… truth be told is that there is a lot of time left in the season! Plenty of time for another playoff and title run. I’m sure this veteran-led team is well aware of that and know they don’t have much time left together as a core team. Furthermore, GM Danny Ainge is expected to make some trades/moves to bolster team defense! Paul Pierce, Rondo, Garnett are the remaining three from 2008 and have plenty of experience to bank on! Defensive-minded phenom

Avery Bradley is returning to the starting lineup.All these factors put together should put the Celtics in decent position to do well in the playoffs. First they have to buckle-down, play defense, and start gelling together. The Celtics don’t want more criticism they want our support. Time to step up, rally, and say Go Celtics Go!

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