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Antoine Walker Did Not Manage His Money Right Way

Sometimes, having too much money can be a great problem especially if it wasn’t managed the way it should be. Antoine Walker has found fortune in the basketball as he was able to make $55 million in a span of 12 years apart from endorsements. What happened to his millions knowing that he is now facing check frauds and unpaid debts amounting to $4 million?

With $1 million worth of bouncing checks in Vegas, a big portion of his earnings has already gone down the drain. Besides, losing $1 million in gambling is kind of alarming. This is just one of the scenarios on how his money evaporated in a blink of an eye.

As for Walker’s attitude towards money, he somehow became too generous to his friends and teammates. Walker spent years of lavish lifestyle not only for himself but for his friends as well. During the hay days, Walker will not allow himself to wear a suit twice. Therefore, he opted to have a new suit every single day for the payoffs. According to his teammates, he would spend for giant dinners and extravagant limo hire with his buddies as he takes them all to town.

At one point, Walker supported seventy people comprising of friends and relatives financially.

Why the Celtics Can Beat the Heat

If I were to ask you at the beginning of the year, if the Celtics could beat the Heat without Rajon Rondo or Kevin Garnett, I am certain that most of you would say no. These are two fundamental players that drive this team and without them, it would be difficult to beat the best of the best. Yet, this past Monday, the Celtics came three points away of ending the Miami Heat’s historical run.

When a hero falls, another must rise up. If not, the city will fall. Kevin Garnett may not have played Monday night, but Jeff Green did. In fact to say that Jeff Green played, is probably an understatement. Green had a career-high 43 points, plus 7 rebounds, and 4 blocks. Green flat out went off. This was key.

The Celtics led by 12 after the first quarter, however, they were outscored in each quarter that followed. They shot the ball well, but were too sloppy at points. The problem is that the Celtics got into a shootout with Miami. Rather than winning the defensive battle, they challenged Miami in an offensive battle. No team, as far as I’m concerned, can beat Miami this way. However, you can win, IF you challenge them to a defensive battle. This is how the Celtics can beat the Heat. That’s where Kevin Garnett comes into play. Kevin Garnett is a defensive genius. With Garnett’s defense along with Bradley, the Celtics provide a deadly defensive combo.

Defense is the Celtics forte. If they can lock down and force the Heat into tough shots, into turnovers, they can win. No matter how old the Celtics may be, they can still play defense, which is a skill that most teams don’t excel in.

Celtics Set Their Own Records in a Historical Week

It’s been quite a busy week historically speaking for the world with recent events and it was no different for our Boston Celtics basketball team! In Wednesday’s night game against the Toronto Raptors, both Paul Pierce as well as Kevin Garnett solidified their places in NBA history in a 112-88 romping of their opponents. Garnett was the big headline of the night passing Jerry West on the all-time NBA scoring list. Pierce had a big night of his own passing Charles Barkley to become included in the top 20 list of all-time highest scorers! The crowd celebrated the rare occasion so loudly that the game was briefly interrupted both times the long-standing records were surpassed!!! Both players were given a rousing ovation!

More importantly, the win added to the Celtics 35-29 season record along their steady march toward a good playoff position. Celtics fans were worried about a re-lapse after earlier in the week the Boston team dropped winnable games to Oklahoma City and Charlotte! The loss to the Charlotte Bobcats was most surprising as they are a mediocre team that was coming off of a 10 game losing streak. However, much of the loss was due to Coach Doc Rivers deciding to give some much needed rest to starter Paul Pierce! Jeff Green did an ok job starting in his place but it is clearly evident that the Boston Celtics need their seasoned veteran Pierce in order to play to the best of their abilities as a team!!!

Saturday night sees the Celtics given a chance to re-prove themselves in a contest vs. those same Charlotte Bobcats before taking on the Miami Heat Monday night!! Miami has been riding a huge winning streak and hopefully this Celtics squad can put a stop to that! Several team members have already expressed their strong desire to win big Monday Night. After this comes another tough road trip as the Celtics will go through New Orleans, Dallas, and Memphis to round out the week!

As the playoffs rapidly approach let’s hope for another winning week for our Boston Celtics team. They’ve been cruising along mighty fine so far! Go Celtics Go!

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Celtics Soar Back to Boston: Get Important Win Over the Hawks!

The Boston Celtics have been soaring through their schedule the past week and more importantly have been walking away with much needed wins.

The scenario was no different Friday night back in Boston where they went into an overtime thriller with the Atlanta Hawks before coming away with the 107-102 win! The win must have been especially gratifying for Coach Doc Rivers who had a long, successful career as a guard with the Atlanta Hawks franchise but has now settled into being part of the long legacy of excellent Boston Celtics coaches!! Many have rightly been saying that Doc Rivers should get Coach of the Year!!! Looking at their record since losing all-star Rajon Rondo as well as some other impactful players…a good case can be made for Doc getting the respectable coaching award!!!

With an impressive last minute victory that saw Jeff Green score the big bucket with .5 seconds left on the clock the Celtics beat the playoff probable Indiana Pacers 83-81 on Wednesday night! It was preceded by a win over the Philadelphia 76ers the night before 107-101!

This is the stretch run time of the year before playoffs start around May! Coach Doc Rivers and the fans must be feeling good about the positive signs that the team is currently displaying. They are hitting the big baskets and playing well as a team. With Pierce/Garnett leading the way under Doc Rivers steady coaching, the acquisition of some new players(Crawford, Williams) and the important contributions of role players(Terry,Green,Lee,Bradley) translating into wins…. Their playoff hopes look much, much better!

Why Jeff Green should start…

Jeff Green has started one game this year…he racked up 31 pts, 4 asts, 7 rebs, 5 blks, and 2 stls. The Celtics won handily at Phoenix 113-88. Since his lone start, Green is averaging 8.5 pts a game.  Green clearly does not like being a bench player, scratch that, Green doesn’t like not having a role in the Boston Celtics offense.  Now one game does not make a good sample size, but Jeff Green has been inconsistent this year beceause his role isn’t defined. His role was defined against the Suns, scorer. I’m going to make my case to you guys why Green should be a starter and why the Celtics will benefit if he does start and become a major part in this offense:

Green isn’t part of the Green -

Respect Yo Elders: Bill Russell Jumps Over This Dude

I’m sure you guys have seen this video by now, but it’s too amazing to leave off this site! Many people think players in the 60′s were no where near as atheltic as the players today, but this is proof that they could hold their own in today’s era!



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