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Some Say They Won’t, But Then Again Maybe They Will…

Courtney Lee to the Hoop

CELTIC fans are you ready for some BASKETBALL! With the NBA PRE-season being well underway, so are the critics and the naysayers. The Celtics PRE-season record is 1-4 after Tuesday nights loss to Brooklyn putting them in last place in the Atlantic Division. While many are optimistic for the 2012-13 NBA Celtic Season after last years heroic [...]

NBA Recap: Celtics Sign and Trade for Courtney Lee

Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 12.00.58 PM

The Celtics offseason of reloading is continuing, and every passing day, the C’s look like serious contenders to knock off the Heat. They almost did it with a busted up, old and injured roster last season. With the addition of Lee and all the other players they have added, the Celtics look like NBA odds [...]

2012 NBA Mock Draft


We are now just 29 short hours away from the beginning of the 2012 NBA Draft! Rumors are swirling, deals are being made and discussed while our beloved Boston Celtics sit wondering whether Kevin Garnett will retire and if Ray Allen is going to sign in Miami. It would be great to have an answer [...]

2012 NBA Mock Draft

2012 NBA Mock Draft

Coming off the impressive Game 4 win last night, you would think the last thing a Celtics fan would want to talk about is the draft, right? I am not looking forward to the off season just yet as I think we have a legitimate shot to go to the Finals this year, but if [...]

NBA Playoff Series Predictions


So how about that first day of the playoffs! Derrick Rose and Iman Shumpert down for the count with injuries, Orlando shocking the NBA world with some competitive fight against the Pacers, and Dirk Nowitzki vs Kevin Durant round 2…All leading up to the exclamation point of Durant’s game winner over Shawn Marion.   All [...]

Celtics Find Themselves In Familiar Territory–First Place!!!

Chicago Bulls at Boston Celtics

Entering Friday night’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves… the Celtics were riding high upon a three-game winning streak! The result: a resounding 100-79 victory and occupancy of First Place in the Atlantic Division. Even though Ray Allen was out and has missed the last five games, the Celtics ended the month with a steadfast march [...]

Rondo Triple-Double Lead Hot Celtics Past Heat

Rajon Rondo

I’ll admit. I was nervous. Having the #2-seed in the Eastern Conference coming to play this older Celtics squad made me a bit queasy. Then I remembered that the game was at the Garden and it was a nationally-televised game, also known as Rajon Rondo’s time to shine. The C’s point guard puts up ridiculous [...]