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A Season of Questions for the Boston Celtics


Let’s be clear… this Celtics team is not your NBA version of the Boston Red Sox. Yes, that would be great, but unlike the Red Sox, the talent and player depth just doesn’t seem to be there for this Celtics squad. No one would like to be wrong more than me and every other Celtics [...]

The Outlook For The Celtics’ Future


We’ve all had the summer to digest the Celtics’ draft night blockbuster deal with the Nets – you know, the one that sent KG and Paul Pierce packing (along with Jason Terry) and brought in a package of players nobody really wants (Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, Keith Bogans and Kris Joseph) and a [...]

Can’t Miss T-Shirts! Pierce and Garnett Celtics Tribute!

a tribute

Show your love for the man that was the face of the Boston Celtics franchise since 1998. Who is also only one of three Celtics along side Larry Bird and John Havlicek, who have scored over 20,000 points in their Celtics careers alone. He also holds the Celtics record for most three-point field goals mad. [...]

Who Will Survive The Danny Ainge Cuts?


Danny Ainge says the Celtics aren’t interested in the free agent market, aren’t shopping Rondo and Green, and aren’t in a hurry to find a new coach.  So what are they focused on doing, cutting the roster! Terrence Williams, the troubled SG from Louville was cut earlier in the week, and he should be the [...]

Are Pierce, Garnett A Packaged Deal In Boston?

kg pierce

As the NBA playoffs continue to play out, fans of the Celtics are already looking forward to what exactly will happen during the offseason. The biggest question marks surround their two aging franchise players, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Depending on who you talk to, the futures for both players are still very much up [...]

Draft Profile: Dennis Schröder


The Celtics offseason is filled with questions.  Will Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett return? How will Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger recover their respective injuries?  Will Danny Ainge decide to retool or rebuild?  The fact that the C’s will be picking 16th in June’s NBA Draft remains the one certainty amidst their summer chaos.  However, [...]

The Perfect End to the KG Era


This could be it.  After six incredible years, tonight could be the last home game for the Big Three era Celtics.  KG and Paul Pierce aren’t getting any younger, and it’s been widely speculated that either one or both of them will seriously consider retiring at the end of the season.  Additionally, many believe that [...]