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North Carolina State University Junior, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Accounting. I am a celtic forever! My favorite celtics players gotta be Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, Larry Bird, Eddie House, and Tony Allen

Game 3 Top Celtics Moments


The Celtics had it clicking on all cylinders last night both offensively and defensively against a discouraged 76ers team at home. The Celtics won 107-91 and when they are engaged like last night’s game, they can be legit contenders. KG put in 27 points and 13 rebounds with 4 dimes. Rondo had 23 points and [...]

NBA Playoff Series Predictions


So how about that first day of the playoffs! Derrick Rose and Iman Shumpert down for the count with injuries, Orlando shocking the NBA world with some competitive fight against the Pacers, and Dirk Nowitzki vs Kevin Durant round 2…All leading up to the exclamation point of Durant’s game winner over Shawn Marion.   All [...]

Everybody Dancing Last Night

KG Slam fist

The Celtics have been looking good and last night they showed why they are a threat to ANY team in the league in this year’s playoffs.  The Celtics put a beat down on the 76ers, 103-79 at home.  This win came after a easy win against the new and improved Indiana Pacers at Indiana.  Ray [...]

Pass of the year

Orlando Magic v Boston Celtics

So I was searching through old posts and I couldn’t find any posts about Rajon Rondo’s AMAZING pass he made a couple weeks ago against the Warriors. Personally, and I’m sure you guys will agree, that this is the pass of the year for sure. People need to understand how hard of a pass this [...]

What’s the problem?

KG Rebound

Did you know the Celtics are 1st in the NBA in assists and 3rd in the NBA in points allowed. Did you know that KG is having his best PER year since 2008, the year the big three won the championship. Did you know NONE of the big three have been injured for more than [...]

Avery Bradley Posterizing KD

avery dunkin on durant

In this video we see Bradley breaking James Harden’s ankles and then rising up with Durant for the monster jam! I really like this guys game and he is one of the few bright spots of this year

How Does Ray Ray Do It?

ray pointing

Every Celtics game we see Ray Allen, the 36-year old nba all-time 3PT Shooting leader, run off hundreds of screens for about 34 mins.  Its amazing that the 16 year NBA veteran can go 100% every night off these screens and not be plagued by fatigue.  Its really no mystery considering his incredible work ethic [...]

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