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I grew up watching the Celtics, Red Sox, and Patriots with my dad and brother and have been a huge fan of Boston sports ever since then. I’ll never forget watching the Patriots defy the odds and win their first Superbowl in 2001 and the dynasty that followed, or watching the Sox break the Curse in 2004 but the Celtics have always been my favorite team. While I was unfortuantely born as the Larry BIrd era was coming to a close and as Celtics fans we’ve had to endure some brutal years, I’m talking about you M.L. Carr and you too Rick Pitino, watching the Celtics claim the title in 2007 made it all worth it.

Rasheed Wallace Definitely Retiring Accoring to his Agent


Shortly after last season came to its bitter end Rasheed Wallace announced he would be retiring. At the time everyone recognized that this was a good thing for the Celtics. Rasheed had been abysmal in the regular season and despite a few sporadic good performances in the playoffs there was no way he was deserving [...]

Celtics Fill Front Court Void: Add Shaq


So according to just about every credible news source who follows the Celtics; CSN, ESPN, Yahoo Sports, so on and so forth, Shaquille O’Neal will be joining the Celtics this upcoming season. It seems the deal will be for the veteran minimum and will have a player’s option for the second year. While Shaq does [...]

Celtics Finally Make a Move: Add Von Wafer


Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld is reporting that the Celtics have agreed to a deal with Von Wafer. Wafer spent last season with Olympiakos where he simply did not play well. Wafer shot only 36% from the field and averaged only 3 points a game during Greek League play. However during his last season in the [...]

Celtics Bargain Shopping

Celtics Bargain Shopping

As we Celtics fans sit around anxiously waiting for the Celtics to something, anything really, to improve their team for next year the reality is there simply isn’t all that much the team can do. The majority of their money is tied up in Pierce, Garnett, Rondo, Ray, and Perk. After deciding to bring back [...]

Celtics’ Updated Free Agency Outlook

Celtics’ Updated Free Agency Outlook

Almost three weeks into NBA free agency I think it’s a good time to take a look at where the Celtics stand, what they still need to do, and who is still even available. When I wrote my first column about the Celtics free agency plans around a month ago I stressed the need to [...]

Celtics in Attendance at Adam Morrison’s Workout

Celtics in Attendance at Adam Morrison’s Workout

The Celtics continued with their free agency plans checking out Adam Morrison’s workout on July 13th according to Alex Kennedy of and Morrison worked out alongside Melvin Ely and Al Harrington. The Celtics were one of five teams in attendance along with the Bulls, Clippers, Cavs, and the Spurs. Now to be fair [...]

Tony Allen Joining the Memphis Grizzlies

Screen shot 2010-07-11 at 9.09.28 PM

In a surprise move Tony Allen will be moving on to join the Memphis Grizzlies becoming the first Celtics regular from last season to leave the team definitely, besides Rasheed assuming he officially retires. reported that the deal will be worth $10 million over 3 years. While most people assumed Allen would be rejoining the [...]

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