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Going through baby pictures of mine I came across one that stood out. Not even a year old with a Celtics shirt draped over my back as I was napping on the couch in Spain, where my mother was stationed at the time. I’m not your traditional New England sports fan. In fact, no one from my family is from the area and the only person that ever lived there was myself when I attended Berklee College of Music in 2007. Pair that experience with a father who preached the principals of Larry Bird and I became a Bostonian (I get to choose where I’m from…Army brat). I spend a lot of time getting familiar with the team’s history by watching old championship series’, documentaries, and religiously reading Bill Simmons. I currently live in Orlando and am pursuing a career in music as well as a degree in Sociology with a minor in Sports Business Management from the University of Central Florida. I recently started working for the AFL team here in town and I am constantly badgered for wearing my Green and White after beating the Magic. Too much fun. As much as I love enemy territory I have my long term sights set on returning to the place that sparked my undying love for sports, but more importantly, the Celtics.

Prisoners of the Moment


Prisoners of the Moment. A dreaded consequence of being a sports fan solely with your heart. As a prisoner, you estimate a team’s success based on nightly results and change your opinion with the tide. The Lakers were not going to get to the playoffs prior to the All-Star Break sporting a three-game losing streak. [...]

In Depth


With the impending acquisition of Carlos Arroyo, let’s take a look at how the finished roster measures up regarding cut and dry statistics as well as intangible experience. Guards Rajon Rondo, 25 years old, 6’1″, 4 years in NBA, 64 playoff games, 2010-2011 active leader in assists per game (12.2), 2008 NBA Champion. Ray Allen, [...]

Seeing Green


There we were, atop the Eastern Conference, favorites to make it to The Finals, bruised and broken yet surviving. Here we are, still atop the Eastern Conference by percentage points, completely renovated and trying to swallow an emotional blow. News analysts are split down the middle, as are Celtics fans. Living in Orlando I have [...]

Sleepless in Phoenix

Boston Celtics v Phoenix Suns

STILL UP/DOWN Well, we all said it. No rocket scientist needed when it comes to an older team who hasn’t played fantastically away from home. Factor in the guy who has Amerigo Vespucci rolling over in his grave whom was genius enough to have the Celtics go on a four-game road trip out West starting [...]

Perkins Back in Action Tonight Versus Cavs

Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 12.52.43 AM

I take back my report that Perkins had February 4th circled on his calendar. Apparently that turned into January 25th. Yes, tonight, our best big in Green will make his season debut against the Cleveland Cavaliers looking for their 18th straight loss. Check out this release from Chris Forsberg of

Finding February


Kendrick Perkins has February 4th circled on his calendar as the day he returns to the lineup of a resilient yet bruised Celtic team. Reiteration has never been needed when it comes to the importance of Perkins to this team. Doc Rivers has said time and time again, most notably after the gut wrenching loss [...]

From Orlando


Just got home from the Celtics/Magic game at the Amway Center and although a loss is never easy to take, it’s much easier followed by 14 consecutive wins. A quick analysis… The Good After the game started with the Magic running up the deficit to 13-0, I thought I was going to have a knot [...]