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Going through baby pictures of mine I came across one that stood out. Not even a year old with a Celtics shirt draped over my back as I was napping on the couch in Spain, where my mother was stationed at the time. I’m not your traditional New England sports fan. In fact, no one from my family is from the area and the only person that ever lived there was myself when I attended Berklee College of Music in 2007. Pair that experience with a father who preached the principals of Larry Bird and I became a Bostonian (I get to choose where I’m from…Army brat). I spend a lot of time getting familiar with the team’s history by watching old championship series’, documentaries, and religiously reading Bill Simmons. I currently live in Orlando and am pursuing a career in music as well as a degree in Sociology with a minor in Sports Business Management from the University of Central Florida. I recently started working for the AFL team here in town and I am constantly badgered for wearing my Green and White after beating the Magic. Too much fun. As much as I love enemy territory I have my long term sights set on returning to the place that sparked my undying love for sports, but more importantly, the Celtics.

Celtics add the Brazilian Blur


With the “true” point guard market running low on vigor and talent, Danny Ainge pulled off another sleeper move that has undoubtedly capped the Celtics’ roster overhaul. When Boston waived Jamar Smith and Dionte Christmas yesterday, most assumed it was to retain the likes of Kris Joseph and Fab Melo on the bench throughout the [...]

The New Guys


Take a break from the rumor-mill that resembles a high school romantic comedy and focus on the new faces (thus far) of the Boston Celtics. I hope we have not forgotten that the reason we do not need to trade for a high profile player is due to the fact that we already have four. [...]

Your Move, Danny.


Fine, I’ll write about it. I will write about how ridiculous this “CP3” mega-rumor is. When word got out that Danny Ainge was open to trading Rajon Rondo in exchange for Chris Paul the fanbase of the Boston Celtics had plenty to be excited about. We all love Rondo and also agree that he is [...]

Trade Machine


After reading the most recent Bill Simmons column on his new site Grantland, I was newly acquainted with the NBA Trade Machine. I tried a few combinations including Ray Allen to the Bulls for Kyle Korver and Kevin Garnett along with Avery Bradley to the Magic for Dwight Howard. This one seemed to make the [...]

Jeremy Tyler, Josh Smith and other big issues


I just recently got into full gear of fan-scouting the Celtics’ possible picks for the Draft on…wait for it…THIS Thursday. Fan-scouting is a very tedious, scientifically inclined career path. It requires that you sit in front of a computer screen and plug names into Google and YouTube (respectively, we know they are married but they [...]

Times Are Changing


I know I’m a bit late to recognize that the Celtics have officially entered the offseason, but consider this a belated birthday card with $50 to the restaurant of your choice. $100? It was an unexpected way to end a season that began with such invigorating and inspired performances and ended with the tired, injured [...]

Welcome To Miami


Bienvenidos a Miami. A place where people have to be kidnapped in order to attend any sports event that does not include the University of Miami or the Miami Dolphins. A city more concerned with staying out till 5 a.m. drinking overpriced drinks (ask me, managed to tab up $100.00 on 9 drinks with friends…I [...]