Articles By: Tim LaPointe

Why the Celtics Can Beat the Heat

Chris Bosh, Kevin Garnett

If I were to ask you at the beginning of the year, if the Celtics could beat the Heat without Rajon Rondo or Kevin Garnett, I am certain that most of you would say no. These are two fundamental players that drive this team and without them, it would be difficult to beat the best [...]

For Better or For Worse?

Rondo Pic

Let’s be honest. Right now, the Celtics are looking the best they have in a long time. They have won their last six games including an embarrassment of the Los Angeles Lakers. Why is this so significant? Because the Celtics are “Rondo-less”. Some are suggesting that the Celtics should trade Rondo, that they are fine [...]

Still Getting it Done


Imagine being Paul Pierce, finding out that your star point guard is out for the season. Shortly after, you find out that your rookie center, who’s been having a great year so far, is also out for the season. What do you do? Well in Paul Pierce’s case, you fight. Last Sunday, the Celtics found [...]

Jared Sullinger: The Future


As the 21st overall pick in the NBA, Jared Sullinger, is proving himself every single game to be worthy of playing on such a team as the Boston Celtics. Tonight against the Rockets, he had fourteen points and eleven rebounds. He was 7 for 8 shooting the ball, and he earned his second consecutive double [...]

The Truth Never Changes

The Truth Never Changes

Earlier in this season, some were speculating as to whether Paul Pierce was going to be able to produce like he had in years past. His numbers were mediocre at best it seemed. But Wednesday Paul Pierce came out and showed that he is still “The Truth.” Wednesday the Celtics defeated the Cavaliers 103-91 with [...]

Grabbing the Boards

Grabbing the Boards

  Last night the Celtics lost to the Heat 120-107. It was clearly a disappointing performance on the defense’s part, however, there were some good signs seen in this game. One particular aspect was the rebounding. Last year the Celtics were last in the entire NBA in rebounding. They also had one of the worst [...]

The Newest Member of The Big Three

Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo has been with the Celtics since his rookie year in 2006. He’s been one of the key factors to the Celtics success over the years and has proven himself as one of the better point guards in the game. There have been games such as Game 4 against the Hawks in the first [...]