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The NBA is dead. Long live the NBA?

Rajon Rondo

What an off-season, eh? The NBA morphed into a soap-opera of petty grievances, massive greed, slow-building racial tensions, and oh yeah, now everyone knows Michael Jordan is a douchebag. Let’s be honest; no one came out of the lock-out looking too good. Owners who were already hated (Sterling, Snyder, etc.) are now even more hated, [...]

No More Pretend Time — The Lockout is Around the Corner


“To ensure that each player is informed to the fullest extent possible as we enter the height of negotiations in the next few months … we are asking all player agents to discuss with each of their clients on an individual basis: (i) the player’s negotiated deal and financial status; (ii) how the player can [...]

Wait a minute — what’s that dude’s name again?


At first, it’s business as usual. The familiar faces and numbers, the would-be dynastic members of the dominant Boston Celtics we’ve watched throttle the NBA for the last four years all take the court and you get that feeling. This is a good team, well-rounded and balanced between multiple hall of famers who trust each [...]

The Unsaid Thing: What of the Celtics Chemistry Now?

There are plenty of things being said and discussed in the wake of yesterday’s trades. With power structures changing across the NBA – including the arrival of two more all-stars to the Atlantic Division – the roster shake-ups are being devoured across the media. What will the C’s do when (if) presented with the nightmare [...]

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