Trade Deadline Special Live On Twitter Thursday

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Join me this Thursday for a special Live twitter trade center. Starting at noon on Thursday I will be live on twitter keeping you up to date on all the rumors and moves the Celtics may or may not make before the deadline as well as every trade that goes down around the NBA. Questions, Comments, Trade Ideas are welcome as I will make sure to answer all comments that come my way. Follow me on Twitter @Jcceltics247 this Thursday starting at Noon.


  1. Devonte says:

    C`s trade Pierce,Pietrus,Bradley, & 2013 2nd round pick to NYK for C.Anthony,JR Smith, & T.Douglas.

  2. Devonte says:

    By Thursday C.Anthony,JR Smith, & T.Douglas should be in Boston.

  3. johnny says:

    i say move big 3 and try to get Dwight Howard

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