Just In Case You Missed It: LeBron Picks Miami

NBA News — By on July 8, 2010 at 11:50 pm

Who am I kidding. Of course you didn’t miss it. LeBron James made his “decision” tonight and it’s the Miami Heat. I’m not going into detail about this because it’s already way overplayed. I will say a few things. First, check this out. The owner of the Cavs uses words like “cowardly betrayal” when describing LeBron’s decision. Wow! I have never seen a letter like that published on a professional website like Cavs.com It really shows how much his decision impacted Cleveland and their fans.

Most of LeBron’s choice brought negativity to the NBA. Fans and analysts still can’t believe he would run an hour long special to basically slap Cleveland in the face and choose another team. Others claim this is doing nothing but hurting the NBA. I will take the other side on the issue and admit I am excited to see these guys play. The league thrives off teams we can hate and Miami is now at the top of that list.  They are the New York Yankees of basketball and I am that much more excited to beat LeBron and D-Wade next season just like we did this year. Bring it on!!!


  1. Dane Barone says:

    To knock them out of the post-season would feel great, considering they are most likely getting the top seed in the East. Doesn’t concern me too much, but Cleveland man, I feel bad for them. They were burning jerseys! We’ll see what happsns this year though. It’s going to be interesting to see Miami’s first game.

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